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Fall Maintenance Tips | Pittsfield, MA

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and a decrease in daylight, making it an important time of year to perform regular maintenance. Additionally, many drivers take time for winter prep during the fall, including performance maintenance and detailing to keep their car in prime condition during the colder half of the year.

Oil and Filter Change

The fall is one of four times during the year that most drivers should get an oil change. Oil degrades every 3,000 miles or three months for many cars, which means you can use the seasons to track maintenance. You should also check the air filter to make sure that air flows unobstructed to the engine to ensure performance.

Exterior Detailing

Because winter is especially hard on cars due to road salt and grime, you should thoroughly wash and wax the exterior of your car. Be sure to use detergent and wax that is specifically designed for the auto industry, and consider buying paint sealant for an extra level of coverage.

Interior Detailing

Every driver should clean out the interior regularly, vacuuming and removing garbage from the back seat. If they are leather, there are a few extra steps you should take. In particular, dust surfaces to remove dirt and then condition leather with natural oils (like lanolin or mink oil) to prevent cracking in cold weather.

Check Tires

There are two things you need to check regarding tires: pressure and tread. Tire pressure dips as the weather gets cooler, so be sure to inflate tires if necessary. Also, check tread using the penny test. Simply insert a penny upside down into the tread. If you see above President Lincoln’s head, you may need new tires. An auto expert can give you more precise measurements, but the penny test is a good way to approximate tire wear.
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Oil Change | Fall Maintenance Tips | Haddad Nissan | Pittsfield, MA
Penny Test  | Fall Maintenance Tips | Haddad Nissan | Pittsfield, MA

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