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Nissan Future Technology | Pittsfield, MA

Nissan Future Technology | Haddad Nissan | Pittsfield, MA
Nissan is always working to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to technology. The Japanese automaker boasts a line of vehicles equipped with numerous standard systems that many competitors lack, but it doesn’t stop there. Nissan has plenty of future technology in the works.


Brain-to-Vehicle technology might seem out of this world, but Nissan is working to bring it to the industry sooner rather than later. This technology aims to predict a driver’s actions and detect any discomfort.

This system’s goal is to identify signs that the driver is about to turn the wheel or increase the vehicle’s speed. By predicting what the driver will do next, Brain-to-Vehicle technology can ready the driver-assist technologies for a quicker reaction time.

Brain-to-Vehicle technology will detect and evaluate signs of discomfort that the driver exhibits. The system can automatically adjust the driving configuration or style to increase driver comfort.


Autonomous Emergency Steering

Autonomous Emergency Steering works to detect an impending collision and help avoid it. When a driver fails to react to changing traffic and road conditions quick enough, the system can apply the brakes. If the obstacle can’t be avoided, the system steers the vehicle away from the collision.

Health & Well-Being Concept

Driving for long periods of time can have negative effects on a driver’s health. The Health & Well-Being Concept works to rectify and prevent those negative effects. The concept optimizes posture and cabin temperature in order to improve circulation. It can also adjust the air quality.

At Haddad Nissan, we’re proud to represent a manufacturer that is constantly striving to improve our safety in innovative ways.

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