The scenic beauty of the Berkshires is something that everyone should see once in their life. But what is it exactly? Geography says that it's a highland region sprawling across the western regions of both Connecticut and Massachusetts and extending into Vermont's Green Mountains. The short answer is that the Berkshires are a part of the Appalachian Mountains, bursting with rich cultural heritage and an atmosphere all its own. Music, art, and outdoor recreation are only a few of the attractions that bring tourism to the region.

In addition, the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts also offer tons of yearly events and festivals, ranging from celebrating the Appalachian culture that flourishes here to enjoying the great outdoors that the mountain range brings us. And with a number of relaxing health and wellness getaways, planning a trip here is a no-brainer.

As much fun as it is to just enjoy everything the Berkshires has to offer for the weekend and then go back home, living here is another kind of experience entirely. We at Haddad Nissan are proud to serve the community of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts and to live here among the vibrant culture and scenic beauty of our town. It's this kind of atmosphere that inspires us to serve customers with friendly attitudes and big smiles.

The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts-which is where our Haddad Nissan dealership is located-are filled to the brim with fun activities. Arts and culture are a big deal around here, so head to any of many performing arts shows or visual art centers and galleries to enjoy the art scene in the area. Additionally, with historic architecture, museums, and local gardens aplenty, it's easy to get absorbed into the atmosphere of the Berkshires.

There's also plenty of outdoor recreation, including hiking trails, golfing sporting events, water recreation, and "adventure tourism" like ziplining or white water rafting.

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