Your car is important. It gets you to work, your kids ride in it, it drives the dog to the vet - it would be impossible to manage without it.

When your car has a maintenance issue, don't trust its safety to just anyone. Always have your car serviced by the professionals at the dealership.

They're the Best

Dealerships have the resources necessary to attract the smartest and most talented technicians to their service departments. Simply put, dealerships can provide the salary and benefits that top performers command. They can also offer continuing education and training to keep their employees up to date and informed on emerging technology and engineering.


Often, dealerships will complete repairs for free if the car is under warranty with the manufacturer. Due to their relationship with the manufacturer, dealerships know that they'll be reimbursed for work done at little or no cost.

Faster Turnaround

In most cases, dealerships have a greater number of service bays and technicians on staff than at local automotive repair shops. Plus, the dealership is more likely to have the parts your model needs in stock. A maintenance issue with your vehicle is never convenient, but it can become much more overwhelming if you're forced to wait a week for an expensive part to arrive, then another few days while the mechanic tries to squeeze you in. At the dealership, time is hardly ever a factor.

If you want your car serviced properly, you should always consider the dealership first. Get your car the car it needs with a service appointment at Haddad Nissan.

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