Your Source for Brakes in Pittsfield, MA
Is it time to get your brakes checked or brake pads replaced? Our Service Department in Pittsfield, MA is ready to take care of all your cars brake needs. Haddad Nissan has a brand new state-of-the-art Service Department equipped with all the necessary expertise to keep your car's brakes in tip-top shape. Our dealership understands how crucial brakes are to you, your passengers, and other driver's safety. Your brakes help stop your car safely and keep you in control in various weather conditions. From brake pads to rotor repair, our goal is to get you back on the road and back to your life!

How do you know when you should replace your brakes? Squeaks, squeals and steering vibration are frequent clues that your brakes are going out. Don't ignore these issues as a simple and inexpensive brake pad repair could lead to a more expensive repair if left unchecked. Stop and get your brakes checked out as soon as possible to avoid costly rotor repairs.

Haddad Nissan services all makes and models and we offer competitive prices and frequently run service and parts specials. Schedule a service appointment today and let Haddad Nissan take care of you!



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